Austin Travis

I am not a very deep person. I am not like some of my friends, that are very creative in everything that they do. So for my title, I used austintravis7. It is nothing flashy, and certainly not anything very fancy. I used my name, because anyone that knows me, would know for sure that this is my blog. The comedy and carelessness of my posts and ideas are a trademark unique to me.

I used the number 7 because it is Gods number, and is considered to be very lucky. I have lived a very lucky life, full of opportunity and fun. The small funny headlines are quotes from various rap songs and other things that teenager's are interested in, but I changed them, and made them my own.

This writing project will teach us not only about computers and using the internet, but how to connect with other people. Some of these entries are very deep, whereas others may be slightly more shallow. By reading other peoples entries, we catch a glimpse of who they truly are. We also are doing this writing project to teach us proper grammar, and we all know that practice makes perfect. With nine or ten essays to type, I think practice will be the least of our worries.