Australia Poppers

How many times have you heard the word 'poppers' but still have noidea what it is? Well, we will explain what it is for you.

Poppers is a street term used to describe any liquid that belongsto the alkyl nitrite family - a liquid that is actually used toenhance sexual pleasure. It is administered by inhaling the liquidcontent from a small bottle (10-30ml), which is usually yellowish incolour and presents a unique fruity, sweetish aroma.

Physically speaking, alkyl nitrites is a substance that dilateblood vessels, resulting an increase blood flow to the brain. Thissubstance also relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body, makingpenetrative sex easier. Mentally, this substance enhances currentpositive emotions, creating a sense of wellbeing and euphoria, henceincreasing the user's sex experience.

Simply said, poppers are all about 'intensity' and even the mostreserved person will become the wildest under the influence of thisproduct.

Poppers are legal in many countries and in general, safe to use.They are typically sold as liquid incense and although considered notaddictive, but a crave for the pleasurable effects can lead apossible mental dependency.

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