Jer Brand

I'm a software architect working for the University of Oklahoma, with most of my work around interactive learning.

All "interactive learning" really means is that I make things that are fun to play with and are supposed to teach you something. The "architect" bit? Anymore I build platforms that delivers the content and let my team build the actual games and courses.

Open Source and Accessibilty are important to me--I mean, what's the point in making something cool if everyone can't share in it. So if I can, I make sure you can play with my toys even if using a computer is a challenge. And if the lawyers say it's okay, I try to share.

I'm a dad, husband, developer, artist, cook, martial artist, carpenter, runner and explorer.

I do other things, but I can't think of anything else off the top of my head spare breathing.

I breathe really well.