Authapon Kongwan

Lecturer in Songkhla, Thailand

Authapon Kongwan

Lecturer in Songkhla, Thailand

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Who am I?

I am what I do!

So, What I do?

I am a lecturer, a programmer, a soccer and futsal player and a happy one.

In case of a lecturer, I just make an inspiration to my fellow and let them make a decision what do they want to be.

In case of a programmer, I make a command and then my terminator can do everything I want !!!

In case of a soccer and futsal player, I have a powerful mind and know how to have a winning. If I lost the game that 's because of a stupid of my teammate, NOT ME !!! Hahaha...

In case of a happy one, I am a good son, a lovely brother, an adorable uncle and a kind friend. Everyone is happy with me.

Hey!!! I am just a human, not an alien!!! Hahaha...

Favourite Quotes: Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.