Tortilla De Patata

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1. Gathering Ingredients & Utensils
2. Prepping
3. Process

4. Mixing/Making/Action
5. Flipping

Step: #1

a. 3 Large Eggs
b. 2-3 Large Potatoes
c. Pinch of salt
d. 1 Cup of Cooking Oil
e. 1/4 Onion

a. 1 Medium Skillet
b. 1 Large plate (large than circumference of skillet)
c. 1 Spatula
d. 1 Medium Bowl, 1 small bowl
e. 1 Slotted Spoon
f. Sharp knife
g. Cutting board
h. Stove top

Step #2

Prepping Ingredients

a. Cut onion into small pieces
i. If you don't cry, it's not a good onion
b. Skin & Cut Potatoes
c. Put contents of the egg in Medium Bowl.
i. mix well
ii. Set aside

Prepping Tools
a. Authentic Recipe
i. Pour oil into skillet
ii. Put Skillet on burner on medium heat.

Step #3

a. Carefully put all sliced potatoes into hot oil
i. Oil should cover potatoes
ii. Cook (NOT FRY) potatoes for 15 minutes
b. Carefully add onion slices to potatoes.
i. Add 5 minutes after potatoes
ii. When onions turn yellow turn off heat.
c. With Spoon (w/ holes)
i. Separate potatoes from oil
ii. Pour oil into small bowl
d. Put Potato mixture into medium bowl with mixed eggs
i. Mix well
ii. Let sit for 15 minutes

Step #4. Mixing/Making/Action
1. Use 2-3 tsp of oil to lubricate frying pan (oil from small bowl)
note: (If pan needed to be washed due to sticking in Step #3, then wash it during the 15 minutes of the last step).
2. Put skillet on low heat till oil is hot
3. Add potato mixture to skillet
a. Be sure to "wiggle" skillet throughout process to prevent sticking
i. Very important!
b. Use Spatula to keep edges from sticking
i. Very important!
4. Cook till form keeps shape (of skillet)
a. Think: like a pancake

Step #4. Flipping
1. Using both hands, and a large plate
a. Place Plate upside down on Top of skillet