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Over the years, the internet has helped millions of students worldwide to find information for their research papers. From Wikipedia to independent blogs, students can find data anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately, this in itself becomes a plague for students.

Finding information is definitely easy today but differentiating between authentic and non-authentic information is not. In other words, finding content, data or information for research papers from credible sources is still a hassle for students. This is where Researchomatic comes to the rescue!

What is Researchomatic?

Researchomatic is an online portal offering up-to-date research papers from reputable sources. The website is the brainchild of Mr. Ryan Davis and Mr. Mark Gilbert. Both the founders realized the dire need for students to find information they can trust and cite in their papers, without worrying about its credibility.

The Researchomatic portal is a solution to all the following problems students usually face:
- Concerns regarding authenticity of the information to be included in research papers
- Striving to find information for topics related to specific niche
- Using multiple search engines and platforms to find relevant information
- Compromising on their grades by not being able to cite information, since most information presented on blogs and independent websites is not cited and so it cannot be cited by others too
- Since there is no citation involved, the chances of the included information being considered ‘plagiarized’ increase
- Paying professionals to write papers since researching on the given topics gets time consuming, if the required information is not readily available.

According to the founders, Researchomatic is not just any other content based platform but it is an answer to the aforementioned problems students have to face while writing research papers.

What Services are offered by Researchomatic?

Researchomatic offers the following services for students, and to those looking for authentic data:

- More than 4 million, 100 percent authentic papers from professionals all around the world
- Free and paid membership for the portal
- Citation generator aimed to help students in citing the information easily and properly