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Auth My Doc

Software Engineer and Small Business Owner in New Delhi, India

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My Doc is a specially designed platform to offer instantaneous document authentication and certification verification. The highly interactive information flow is very easy to use and learn. Administrative authorities like the human resource department, educational bodies can use this to verify the document and listed record of the candidates. It provides smooth access on multiple platforms on the web and smartphone devices (android application). We have established a secured storage for the documents. The certificates will have a non- encrypted security code. The security code will encode a unique identification to each of your documents. The verifying authority can check the confirm the authentication of the required set of documents. This process of certificate verification is conducted using the live university database system. The user can either be a Certificate Issuing Authority (CIA) or a Verification Authority (VA). The CIA is the body who can use the panel to generate special security codes and issue authentic certificates and VA are the bodies who can use the panel to verify the genuine set of documents.

Say goodbye to all your hassles of verifying the authentication of documents. Use Auth My Doc to have the bundles of certification verification within fraction of seconds.