Trent Hayes

author, Project Manager, and Trainer and Assessor in Sydney NSW, Australia

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Co-Author of Stainless with Shannon Lush, I've always enjoyed helping others with challenges by looking at problems from a different angle to find a simple answer.

So far, I haven't been stumped!

My business is called iLoveSimple because I felt that there is enough confusion and it was about time someone started making life simpler for people in business, technology and dealing with stress.

Born in Sydney, I have travelled all over this world and learned so much where ever I have lived from some amazing people...

The one thing that is true, no matter where we are from, is that common sense is a dying art! In a world of seemingly infinite information, we have a drought of MEANINGFUL information. In a world where global communication is possible for next to no cost, we aren't saying what we feel to the people that mean the most to us. We share with strangers what we had for dinner on Facebook or a blog, but we're too busy to sit down over a coffee and chat...

We are putting the tools above the message.

I believe it's time to put substance ABOVE form and the person who is going to make a difference is YOU.

After ghost writing, co-Writing Stainless was the first time my name has been on the cover of a book and since then business, anti-stress workshops and writing workshops have kept me very busy.
(Don't worry this year will see two books coming out!)

My aim in business and life is to make a difference. To help people realise they already have the answers to all their problems... sometimes you just need someone to show you where to look - to give you a push - to get you started :)

....some thoughts...

Never underestimate the criticism of others... If it wasn't because of a narrow minded person, I wouldn't have realised who I am, what I can do and how I can help people,

You can turn anything into a positive if you take a breath and look again with an open mind.

The secret to every challenge in life... is not where you start, but where you want to finish.

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