Author Z J Blu

Northern California, United States

As an author, I have a passion for writing and bringing thoughts, processes, and stories to life. We each have a story to tell; a picture to paint or information to share. Although I mainly write articles, books, blogs, poems, and stories that are designed to give life; I also write plans, procedure manuals, training plans and materials, investigative and analysis reports, summaries, policies, marketing materials, proposals, letters, speeches, persuasive writings, etc. I am also sharpening the tools in my shed to expand into copywriting, publishing and increase my public speaking appearances in the near future. Writing has been my passion since childhood. What once was a disciplined passion has now become my purposeful passioned habit. However, like many of you, life has taken me across many a field of experiences and careers that has brought me to where I am today. I consider these experiences as key and were crucial to developing my canvas as an artist. In many of my writings, I address real life issues from a common sense approach. In my marketing writings, I strategize to capture and keep the audience's attention to drive and lead the public to products, services and events. Over the course of my various careers I have ghostwritten many articles, publications, newsletters, and even contributed to other author works. Much of my writings are specialized to fit the occasion or the matter. I am currently working on a few personal book and blog projects as well as position documents and appeal letters for clients. Other than the obvious of my writing under a pen name, I consider myself as the best kept secret within the writing industry. I am solid in my convictions to writing and sharing because I have the experience and wherewithall to paint a compelling picture and to tell a story. My ultimate dream is not to be known as a world-reknowned, best-selling author but to be known and remembered as the author who is well known for helping others personally and professionally in their endeavors and in their lives and she just happens to be a best selling author.

  • Work
    • Writer, Author, Storyteller
  • Education
    • SOHK (School Of Hard Knocks)