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Kiy Weathers

Writer in Atlanta, Georgia

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Kiy Weathers is author of the debut middle-grade novel, The Candy House Takedown and creator of the Lil Mama book series.

The Candy House Takedown Book Synopsis:

Eleven-year-old, Lil' Mama--Hub City's infamous kidpreneur and leader of a secret society of tech-savvy, mystery-solving brainiacs--and her BFFs, twin sisters, Harmony and Melody, have an unbreakable bond; that is, until Harmony suddenly disappears.

Everyone in Hub City is looking for Harmony, and Lil Mama is the only one that knows exactly what happened to her--and how the Candy House is involved. Threatened into silence and in fear of being marked a snitch and a punk, and grounded by her parents, Lil Mama almost misses Summer Bash, the ultimate party of the summer and where the winners of the Young Techie Entrepreneurs’ Contest will be announced. To make matters worse, Lil Mama's never-ending feud with Big-boned Willie, the neighborhood bully, threatens her submission to the contest, a gadget that just might help find and save Harmony's life.

With payback on her mind and worry in her heart, Lil Mama desperately plots the ultimate revenge against Big-boned Willie and his grandfather, the owner of the Candy House. And when Lil Mama tries to do all of this, while keeping the truth about Harmony's disappearance from Melody, Lil Mama's dirty little secrets, web of lies, and deceitfulness blows up in her face--big time.

Fresh off of punishment, Lil’ Mama is determined to stay on her parents' good side, get her BFFs back, and protect the Whiz Kidz--by any means necessary. Can Lil’ Mama put her vendetta aside to complete her mission? Find out in The Candy House Takedown by Kiy Weathers.

  • Work
    • Young Adult Author
  • Education
    • Master's Information Systems Mangement; B.A. English, NYIT (cum laude)