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Author Agathe von Kampen

Southern Oregon, USA

Hello Friends,

I'm Author Agathe von Kampen and I have a story to share we all of you...
After the first ten years of my life on the front lines of the German war, I had survived unspeakable horrors and looking forward to immigrating to America when I was a teenager. Because seeing what I saw as a child of war, no child should have to bare that.

Hearing stories from the American G.I.'s occupying Germany, of the wonderful life in the United States, had given me such *Hope* for betters days to come, that I to could live that American Dream as well. That was not to be, as my mother married me off to the first American man that took interest in me. That marriage came with unexpected horrors, that I realized at age 16 I was married off to a diagnosed sociopath.

So there I was for thirteen years living in an emotional hell, with no job skills, two small children to support, and with minimal education. This led to many poor choices, since I never learned, or had the opportunity to make my own choices - only to follow orders. Through a lifetime of errors I began to correct each mistake one at a time until even today.

Now at age seventy-eight, I am now living the American Dream I'd always hoped for! I am now married to a kind and very loving man who treats me with the respect I deserve - as any human being has a right to. We live in beautiful So. Oregon in a lovely home, in nice community, and I have the pleasure of my children being respectable, contributing citizens of society.

It has been along journey but so worth it...

I invite you to read my current book; "The Chocolate Bar" a story and memoir of my life, and take the joureny of my words to read just how much one woman, one human being can endure.

Warm Regards,
Author Agathe von Kampen, (Turrell)

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