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Barbara Barnett

Barbara Barnett is a co-executive editor with Blogcritics Magazine, an Internet magazine of pop culture, politics and more. Barnett’s popular column, “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process: An Introspective Look at House, M.D.” features insightful episode commentaries and interviews with the House cast and creative team. It is the place for intelligent discussion of the hit television series on Fox starring Hugh Laurie. Barnett is also the acclaimed author of Chasing Zebras: The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D..

She also writes lots of other things, including technology (from a non-geek perspective), the movies, politics and all things Jewish. Along with writing she is available as a keynote speaker for a broad range of topics, from how TV Doctors influenced modern medicine, to how a writer can transition from blogger to published author.

Please contact directly for availabilty and further information about having her attend your event. Based in the north shore suburbs of Chicago, Barnett is married with two brilliant children and a dog.