Chip St. Clair

Auburn Hills, Michigan

I am a writer, public speaker, inventor and self-trained artist.

Imprisoned beneath a mountain of brutality as a child, my youth was shaped by immense pressures. The blessing is that the resulting diamonds of my adult life are rare and priceless. I do my best to share them.

I write books: non-fiction, fiction and poetry. I paint. I invent stuff all the time. With the help of my partner and beautiful wife, Lisa, I founded the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation to help children and families overcome challenges of all kinds by expressing themselves through various forms of artistic efforts.

My memoir, The Butterfly Garden, is available through most digital and brick-and-mortar outlets. It recounts my life as the child of a convicted child killer and the dreadful circumstances under his control. Most of all it reveals the unspeakable beauty of the liberty I have been granted by the arts, my extraordinary wife and a community of compatriots dedicated to helping children and families in difficult times graduate to their own sense of freedom and happiness.

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