H Jay Scheuermann

H. Jay Scheuermann, author of The Gore Experiment & Paint Me As I Am, was born in Chicago, Illinois and now resides in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona, where he owns and operates his own furniture distribution business. His primary passion is the writing of fiction, followed closely by poetry and song. When he is not involved in a writing project, he takes pleasure in playing guitar, going out for Karaoke with friends, and restoring antiques. Currently, H. Jay is working on another fascinating story entitled The Unwanted, a tale inundated by conspiracy and murder, a psychological thriller that explores the possibilities of what length a government will go to in its attempt to regain control over a drug-ridden society. Visit www.twentyfirstcenturypublishers.com for these and many other great books. H Jay also writes songs and colaborates with singer/songwriter, Tommy Smith. The pair will soon be releasing their first CD which will be available through all retailers including Amazon.com