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Kelley Porter

Blue Island, Illinois

A victorious leader and expert on overcoming all forms of abuse, avoiding toxic relationships and the art of forgiveness, Kelley Porter is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Abuse Recovery Coach, Author, and Speaker. After completing a motivational speech in 2008, and witnessing the effect of her shared story, Perfectly Planned was born, a book about conquering child molestation is not only inspirational and empowering, it is an amazing memoir that provides hope for the abused, knowledge for the unaware, and strength for survivors. Kelley released the sequel to Perfectly Planned, "Overcoming Toxic Relationships."

Kelley’s Coaching & Consulting empowers you to reach emotional freedom, while gaining clarity and discovering your infinite possibilities. You and the community can count on Kelley to maintain confidentiality, practice with best ethics, create works that fit your needs and support you in reaching your goals.

As a speaker, Kelley’s transparent and authentic style of speaking will empower anyone to self-reflect and correct behaviors that may hinder them from living a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle. Prior to becoming a Life Coach, Speaker and Writer, Kelley received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Information Management. For over twenty years her focus was Patient Care and Medical Technology.

Kelley has been featured on radio shows WVON and HOT105, The Jacinda TV Show, Channel 19 (CAN TV) Do's and Don'ts of Parenting. She has written for Rolling Out Magazine, Bean Soup Times, Crusader Newspaper and has spoken at many seminars and workshops that empower the audience to live above the pain, stand in their authenticity and walk in their passion. Kelley resides in Blue Island with her fabulous husband and fantastic son. She is available for speaking engagements such as seminars, workshops, conferences and radio shows. Her audience can range from congregations, universities, shelters, youth groups, NFP and community organizations, the educational and prison system.

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