Lee French

Olympia, Wa

My first book, Dragons In Pieces, is Book One of a superheroes trilogy called Maze Beset, based loosely on a Mutants and Masterminds game I run on Myth-Weavers. The trilogy is complete, and all three books can be found at Amazon . Also available is The Fallen, which is the first installment of what I hope will be a long running epic fantasy series: The Greatest Sin. Book 2: Harbinger was released last fall, and book 3: Moon Shades was released in May.

My latest book, Girls Can't Be Knights, is Young Adult Urban Fantasy and is a Top 5 bestseller on Amazon in its New Release category. The sequel will be out in 2016 and already has a title: Backyard Dragons.

I also have a standalone fantasy novel about a healer learning her potential while coping with hardship, called Damsel In Distress. It's getting rave reviews from total strangers, which is exciting and wonderful!

My next book, another standalone fantasy in the same world as Damsel, will be released in late September. Al-Kabar is an Arabian Nights twist on the Joan of Arc story, about surviving and fighting tyranny.