Author, Marilyn Fowler

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Marilyn Fowler is the prolific writer of the published book titled; "Silent Echoes", a journey of family life lived in the most difficult of times. Marilyn writes about how history has an intersting way of repeating it's self in this exceptional read.
She is a retired Licenced Social Worker/Psychotheraphist. She now enjoys here time writing, reading, and is active in her church, and writer's group. Her career background came in well use when writing her current book.

About The Book:
Silent Echoes is a memior with psychological undertones that spans three generations. It begins in the 1920's and through The Great Depression ~ The story recounts this historical period of human suffering and national trauma, and brought to life through one families struggle of survival ... Now available on Barnes & Noble, and Amazon Books.

  • Work
    • Published Author, Writer, Blogger
  • Education
    • University Of Texas & Nevada