Author Scott

Rochester, NY

Michael J. Scott specializes in action/adventure thrillers and suspense. He is the author of no less than six series, which he is writing contemporaneously.

The series titled "Jefferson's Road" is a dystopic vision of America. Set in the near future, it chiefly concerns the break out of widespread civil unrest in the United States due to the instability of the nation's social systems and the refusal of government to relinquish centralized control.

Michael's "Janelle Becker Books" tell the story of a Special Agent with the Behavioral Analysis Unit who is the lead investigator of the Religious Crimes Task Force. Addicted to medication she'd received subsequent to a knife attack, she battles both the demons of her drug use as well as a string of broken relationships, all while wrestling against a dark memory in her past that threatens to shatter her carefully constructed world. Nevertheless, she is a crack investigator, and her unconventional insights are critical to solving the cases that land before her.

The "Jonathan Munro Adventures" follow a reluctant hero swept up into archaeological adventures-usually at the hand of his beguiling ex-fiance, Isabel Kaufman. Dr. Munro is a paleographer (a professor of ancient writings) at the University of Michigan who'd rather stay in his office and study dusty tomes, but his commitment to Christ and his willingness to help those in need puts him into a world where thieves, assassins, mercenaries, and unscrupulous collectors vie to obtain priceless treasures of antiquity.

"The Dragon's Eye Cycle" occurs in a mystical land of swords, sorcery, and fantastic creatures, and where mysteries still must be solved. Lucas Veritatus, ex-Sheriff of the North Country, now serves as a mercenary investigator. Joined by the enigmatic and beautiful Avenyë of the Ronami, and pursued by the memory of the dark sorcerer who cost him his eye, Lucas travels throughout the Four Realms using his eye and ears to solve crimes, rather than relying on magick. But magick finds him nonetheless...

"Spilled Milk" is a dark thriller about Gerrold Smith, a widower and father who becomes a terrorist in order to protect his children from a corrupt social welfare agency.

New World Order tells the story of Katherine and Rebecca Holt as they are swept up in a rebellion against the forces of a self-destructive, all-encompassing Authority that exists for no other purpose than its own demise.

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    • Eastern Christian College