Author Missy Smith

Missy Smith, Author of Blueberry State of Mind, a collection of reflective truths is the epitome of "Life Poetry". I am a Reflectionist with the heart of a Poet. A "Woman" of complete mystery. Beautiful inside and out. Daring as well as Passionate. A fierce and astute storytelling writer of "LIFE" and everything in-between. But more importantly I am a SURVIVOR!!!!!!!

Dreamy days giving way to Stormy nights. Yes the pen coupled with my mind, oh my what an amazing combination. Check out my many reflective thoughts on Facebook@AuthorMissySmith

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Need an even bigger fix? Then get "YOUR" copy today of Blueberry State of Mind @,,, and yes I am Kindle friendly. This book is stacked full of truths and nothing but the truth. All 130 fabtastic pages.

Creative Luv, Missy