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Author Rusty Nugent

In Oct. 2004 my wonderful mom died, then 6 weeks later my grandmother died in Dec. 2004, then I was in extremely bad pain so I needed Gallbladder surgery in Jan. 2005, then they found out at 32 I have a heart birth defect and my heart is backwards, so I got a pacemaker in April 2005, then in August 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit and took most everything but we all survived, homeless for a few months, then we moved to Tennessee in at the very end of Nov. 2005. Then our Van broke down 2 weeks after then we bought a new van. YAY!! Then I found out that my pacemaker gave me congestive heart failure. Now, your caught up.

I am an 43 year old author with a great deal of knowledge about werewolves and vampires. Some of my readers/fans/friends/bloggers call me, The Werewolf Author. My brother and I wrote our first book back in 1997 it was called The Executioner. It was a gritty futuristic Crime-Drama. But my brother Bubba lost it when he went through a divorce. So, I wrote my own story about what I knew best and that's the supernatural. I did lots of research on many creatures of the night. My first novel was published in 2004 and my second novel was published in 2009. So, I am writing on my third book in the Moonwarriors: In A Blackened Dawn Series. It's coming along beautifully. I am republishing my two first MW's novels with Wolf Paw Publications. Thanks for any support you give me through my writing career. I need all the help I can get, really I do. lol.