Sandra Larsen

Miami, Sarasota, Jacksonville, FL, SPAIN, MN, TX,

Retired, always avid curiosity of world & its inhabitants. Former freelance-photo journalist, who's held management positions, inluding human resources, during career years! A package of sentimentality, love & survival, who's never found a challenge too daunting, now finding pleasure in relaxation & learning with ever-broadening horizons, Internet enhanced! One who cringes at bigotry & narrow-mindedness, especially in the wrap of religion. Politically opinionated from vast experiences & research. A soul who has traveled far; gathered many in the mind & in an array of albums, ever curious about our global inhabitants, wishing I could rise above shortcomings, but knowing that acknowledging them is the first step, knowing if I don't achieve all I desire, I'll have my assignments in the next life! Taking great pleasure in the sunshine & the rain, with an affection for rainbows!

  • Work
    • Retired
  • Education
    • Sarasota High School
    • American School, Chicago, IL