Valerie Miller Simpson

Christian Motvational Speaker in North Carolina

When I look back over my life everything I been through being a single parent, a native born and raised in Brooklyn NY. A past of being abused by men, beat half to death in the park, abused in the church (there is a saying aint no hurt like a church hurt) suicidal, tied up blind folded by gun man and held hostage at gunpoint in my home for 7 hours of terror. To continue on experienced periods of homelessness, suffered a breakdown, assaulted… My love had turned into hate, myself even the creator, but God yet loved me in spite of the coldness of my heart.

All my travesties, furthermore mistakes God healed me, strengthened me, delivered me by turning them into purposes. Empowering me with instruction, wisdom, understanding He also taught me how to forgive the ones that have wronged me in order that I may minister to hurting struggling individuals.

“Selah I want to stop and reflect on that because I owe God some praise” I am the author of two books, Issues and your Tissues, and A Resume of a Desperate Woman!

Anointed, appointed and available to speak at Conferences, Workshops, Revivals, Retreats and more. Book Evangelist Valerie Miller Simpson at your next event!