Colette Critchfield

Keenly aware that families are being told their child cannot learn Colette has developed a unique learning approach using ART as a conduit for learning. Her students learn according to their own personal style. Colette instructs with love, affirmation, kindness, and proven resourcefulness, involving the whole network of family and interested individuals, to assure success.

47 years as a teacher qualifies her as a seasoned professional She is experienced working with special needs students, with an emphasis on youth living with Autism age 4-12. Avenues of concentration include public and private school self -contained classrooms, as well as 10 years individual mentoring to challenged populations. This hands on and academic process validate a program specific to each student’s capabilities. Colette's medically fragile grandson has catapulted her enthusiasm these last seven years to heights tailored for awesome effectiveness.

One on one training, teaching, and created educational and life skill programs are held in the student's home environment with complete openness and integrity for the family, student, and instructor's wellbeing. Interviewing begins September 19th and interested individuals should send an email to