Sylwia Kowalska

Low CARB diet, (i.e. consumption of no dairy, corn, or gluten-free products which are also high in carbohydrates, or sugar), supervised by Ewa Bednarczyk-Witoszek M.D., has affected no more diseases in me, as well as in my autistic son, for three years time. My son’s development has improved: the specialists cannot believe how he can understand cheating/ jokes, play tickles, read, laugh and sing songs (he has been also recently qualified to an integration school). In this diet, all dairy products and all cereals: gluten and gluten-free are eliminated or allowed only every 4-6 days. First gastro-intestinal tract improves, and then you will see decreasing allergy. Ewa Bednarczyk-Witoszek M.D. recommends consuming the products, listed in her book (p. 225. “Optimal diet. What should we eat and what should we avoid.), for 4-6 days, and then having a ‘day off’. Among the aforementioned products are: eggs, beef, pork, fish, animal fats (lard, beef suet), plant fats (olive oil), raw, boiled, fried and roasted vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, onions…. Tests are not the most important. They can be interpreted against or in favour of a chosen thesis, depending on taken assumptions. What is important is the repeatability of results. Initially, cases are always isolated, but when they become repeatable – they break down myths. If 10 children in a row improve, like my son, then the parent of the eleventh child will also believe. A diet which is good to us is not a penalty for our organisms. On the contrary, it means freedom from diseases. You have the choice: you can eat in a way that makes you sick or healthy. If you wait till authoritative bodies approve this only proper diet you may lose the chance of finding out that gift from God is health, not a disease. We are programmed to be healthy for the whole life. We can then improve the other aspects of life.

Text: Sylwia Kowalska – mum of the son with autism

Translated from Polish by Liliana Bujała

my website: Autism & Low carb Diet

Poland, 2010