it was this damn ass rock

Student in the United States

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im mimi. im 17, nonbinary, and maybe i am a lesbian i am not sure?? white-passing light-skinned mixed latinx. use she/her or they/them pronouns please

i'm autistic, on the schizospectrum, depression + anxiety. i have borderline personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder. im part of the zeta system

my special interests are transformers, fallout, and dc (mainly the dcau). ill probably talk about those a lot and i love having convos about them if someones down for it

my primary identity/kintype is breakdown. im the big hammer lesbian

my avpd makes it hard to talk to people, its not anything personal if i dont talk to you a lot or dont respond to stuff. im more likely to talk if someone else starts the convo. i also tend to forget about things a lot



tumblr - cybertroneliteguard

twitter - @autisticflash

personal/vent twitter - @zeta_sys

skype - prince0fhope

steam - autisticflash

feel free to send me follow reqs/dm's whenever you want, im always happy to meet new people or talk about w/e you want


we cofront with each other pretty often and most of us never really know what to say unless we have something to talk about/respond to, so we probably wont announce whos fronting or change our profile to indicate it unless someone has something to say and wants to stick around for a bit, jsyk, sorry about that

we dont care about kin/fictive doubles as long as you dont call any doubles fake or anything like that


system members, you can find full info/profiles at :


smokescreen (tfp smokescreen fictive) - he/him, they/them pronouns

breakdown (tfp breakdown fictive) - he/him, they/them, she/her pronouns

wave (tfp soundwave fictive) - they/them pronouns

flash/wally (dcau flash/wally west fictive) - he/him, she/her, they/them pronouns

red tornado (young justice red tornado fictive) - any pronouns

samael - they/them, he/him pronouns

vera - she/her, xie/xir/xirs/xirself pronouns

rattrap (beast wars rattrap fictive) - he/him, they/them pronouns

viper - any pronouns

there are a few others but they dont post anywhere or go online