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Mint Mobile Auto Glass is located in Roseville, California. Our mission is to provide a superior auto glass replacement service matched by affordable pricing. We use high quality glass for all of our jobs from RV glass replacement, windshield repair, back window replacement and much more. With our trained technicians on your side you are sure to have your vehicle safely back on the road in a matter of hours. Visit our website or give us a call today!

When it pertains to vehicles, we generally first notice points like shade, design as well as year. Nonetheless, among one of the most overlooked as well as vital parts of an automobile is the glass. Automobile glass has a rich background of r & d, and remains to advance every year. Right here are some enjoyable truths concerning car glass that you most likely really did not understand.

1. Windshield Repair Roseville CAto Be a Luxury Thing
When the very first vehicles started presenting in the early 1900s, windshields were not common. The windshield was an add-on thing as well as contained a thin sheet of glass that could be folded down when it got filthy. Windscreens raised the expense of a vehicle, and also only the most wealthy cars and truck proprietors might manage this attribute. Windscreens became a standard auto attribute in 1915 when Oldsmobile started putting them on all their cars.

2. Shatterproof Glass Was Invented by Mishap
French drug store Edouard Benedictus unintentionally created shatterproof glass when he dropped a glass flask covered in cellulose nitrate. Benedictus noted that the glass didn't smash, but wouldn't patent this creation for autos until 1909. The contribution of laminated, shatterproof glass substantially boosted the safety of cars and trucks, as well as was likewise included right into the eyepieces of gas masks throughout World War I.

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