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A divorce is stressful enough, however when custody is concerned it can get ugly really fast. Unfortuitously, there are if the main reason for child custody isnt in regards to the kiddies at all times. Its just one single more method to get back at their Ex for all the "horrible things" they've done. To get different viewpoints, you are able to take a gander at: criminal law firm olympia. Here is the worst situation because the only 1 who ends up getting hurt is the children. Thats why I felt compelled to create this article. My wife and I have been have been in a "heated" fight for her daughter for over a year now. Her ex-husband is just a manipulative "know it all" who's deliberately limiting my wifes experience of her daughter. My wife lost custody many years ago when she had to leave their state they were living in because of the constant harassment and threats being made by her Ex. At the time, the judge couldn't decide on custody and my spouse was not allowed to simply take her daughter out of the state. It wasn't long next her Exs high value lawyer was able to have the judge to allow him full custody simply because my wife now lived out-of-state. Needless to say, my partner was devastated. She didnt think it might happen the same as that without any consideration fond of her situation. Therefore right away, she went from having 50:50 custody to seeing her child only 6 days out of the entire year. A couple of years later, I came into the image and was able to tell my wife that she needs to stop being scared of her Ex and it was time to fight for her right to be a mother to her child. That has been easier said than done. By that time, his influence had been used by her Ex over his daughter to obtain her to blame my wife for anything that had happened. Soon the phone calls got shorter and shorter, and her daughter started saying awful things to my spouse things that just tore her up inside. This 5-year girl was "yelling" at her mother for breaking up your family, for causing all her daddys "money problems", and for leaving her behind to be with her new husband. Dig up new information on the affiliated link by going to olympia auto injury attorney. None of which it true, but try explaining that to a 5-year old woman over the telephone with her Daddy sitti