Sandip Bagade

Proprietor in Pune, India

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We offer the Calibration and repairing facilities under one roof for following equipments:

Process Instrument:

Electronic/pneumatic indicators/controller recorders

Pressure transmitter

Level Transmitter (D.P.T based)

Pneumatic valve positioners

F/V converters (frequency to voltage)

P.I.D controller for process variables

Electro-Magnetic flow meter

Pressure Gauge/Vacuum Gauge

Temperature transmitter

Flow Transmitter (D.P.T.based)

4-20 mA valve positioners

I/P converters

Limit Switches

Thermocouple, R.T.D

Flow integrator/Totalizer

Temp Gauge

Electrical Instrument:

Ammeters/Voltmeters (Digital or Analog)

AC/DC clamp meter (Tong tester)

Megger/Insulation testers

Current transformers/DC shunts

Welding transformer

Mains frequency meters

High Voltage Testers

Earth /Leakage current tester

Resistivity Meter

Electrode drying / baking oven

Mechanical Instruments:

Vernier Caliper

Surface Plate

Dial Gauge

Dial thickness Gauge

Degree protractor

Micrometer Height Gauge

Bore Gauge

Dial Snap Gauge

Thread Plug Gauge

Lab Instruments:

PH meters

Temperature scanners

Glass thermometer


Centrifuge machines

Conductivity meters

Electronic/optical temp.pyrometer

Dial type thermometer

Synchronous timer /stop watches

MV/mA/RTD calibrator

Also do the VALIDATION (Temperature Mapping) of equipment with computerized data logging system.


Cold Room/Storage Room


Powder Coating Oven

Deep freezer

Conveyor and Batch type Ovens.

Blood storage system & walk in coole

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