Yiannis Chaniotakis

Small Business Owner in Heraklion, Greece

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I am a small business owner currently living in Heraklion, Greece. My interests range from technology to DIY. I am also interested in innovation.

My company name is Auto Chaniotakis.

Auto-Chaniotakis is a very known company that sells car batteries and lubricants.The reason why it is found on top of the market is the quality he gives to the cars and the satisfaction to its customers. Additionally,It has cooperated with many familiar corporations, in order to become more experience and make every customer happy.Another thing worth mentioning is that it always uses the best companies for its car batteries and lubricants ,in order to achieve maximum performance for the cars serviced.

Increase your car's performance, find the best secrets for cars,become satisfied,here, in Auto Chaniotakis.

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