Autocrib, Inc.

Autocrib Inc. was started in 1994 to help companies control and deliver the tools and supplies that workers needed, where they were needed. There was a lot of time being spent looking for something that a worker needed for his job and there was no proper system in place to track the materials. Our objective was to help manufacturers and maintenance operations to face the inventory challenges faced by them in their operations. Till date we have provided over 5,000 automated inventory control systems for manufacturing companies worldwide.

The industrial vending machines we supply have been saving manufacturers' money, since a lot expensive parts that might have earlier gone unnoticed or thrown away are now accounted for. They help assign a cost and quantity to what each person issues from the system. Tool crib software, the tool tracking software from Autocrib Inc. is the latest technology in automated inventory management, which can perform issue and return tasks at a traditional tool crib window, while simultaneously managing many different types of point-of-use tool dispensing machines. It is a complete tool crib management system that allows you to take control of your tools and supplies usage and inventory. AutoCrib EleVend, the tool vending machine, securely dispenses large, bulky, or soft items including gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, Tyvek suits, aprons, and more.

AutoCrib IntelliPort is a secure unmanned tool crib solution that can dispense any size items with high accuracy and little to no data entry required. It has infinite storage space for unlimited SKUs and has low cost per SKU and RFID tag. IntelliPort's turnkey system of RFID readers scans items to be issued or returned, making check-in and check-out fast and easy.

Our product line has evolved from the basic concept of tool vending into a wide variety of systems that assist companies in controlling tooling, gages, safety & MRO supplies as well as other "indirect materials". We lead the industry in software, training, support and customer service and are always committed to creating the next generation of industrial vending innovations.