Higher Turnover

Higher Turnover specializes in working with small dealerships, and we know that small dealers usually need more than what other companies offer. We provide the industry’s best websites, but we also provide education on how to make the most of your site. We understand that as a small dealer you probably don’t have an “internet department” like the bigger guys and that you have a limited advertising budget. We understand this because we’ve been working with dealers like you for years. We want to help you.

We make it easy - Our software was developed from the ground up with one thing in mind: most car guys aren’t computer guys. Get a car listed in seconds and have it appear on your website instantly, even if turning your computer on is a challenge.

We save you time - Vehicles can be loaded on your website literally within seconds. Enter a VIN, set your price, and click a button. Your vehicles are automatically sent to 3rd party sites you use such as Autotrader.com and Craigs List so you only enter the vehicle once, in one spot. Spend your time selling cars, not listing them.

We get you seen - In addition to the 3rd party classified sites you already use, we send your vehicles to hundreds of other sites for shoppers to find. More exposure means more sales, period. One small decision can change your business forever. We know this because we’ve seen it with our clients, and we want to prove it to you too. Try us for free. No contract, no commitment, just results. We’ll even have your website up today.