Mobile Powerball Ticket Management Service in San Francisco, California

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AutoLotto is a privately held business headquartered in San Francisco, California which focuses on reinventing the lottery through industry-leading technology using a mobile ticket-management application. Compatible with Android and iOS platforms, the app enables users to purchase Powerball tickets from their mobile device. AutoLotto’s secure system also ensures a safe user experience by verifying identities, residencies, and ages prior to ticket purchase.

AutoLotto allows users to buy a single ticket or set up automatic ticket purchases through the AutoPlay protocol. In addition, users can access the MoneyLine feature to set up automatic ticket purchases according to jackpot amounts. In the event of a winning ticket, AutoLotto users receive a notification, and their winnings are automatically added to their account. They can also choose to receive their winnings by mail as opposed to connecting a bank account for automatic transfer. Furthermore, AutoLotto users keep 100 percent of their winnings with no additional fees or commissions.