Lagos, Nigeria

Automarta - Nigeria's foremost B2B car marketplace. This is an online platform where buyers and sellers meet to find and sell vehicles of their choice.

The easy, quick and trusted way to buy and sell automobiles. Any time when your are thinking about your vehicle whether to buy, sell, exchange or going for a vehicle loan, our partners, staff and the infrastructures of Automarta are at your Service. From being a Luxuary; Buying a vehicle, over the time has now become a Necessity. We at Automarta give great importance to the whole process of buying a car.

Finding the right buyer and price for your existing Car, Arranging a loan for your new cars, providing you the best and sincere service are the reason for our success in this business. It gives us immense privilege and pleasure to be as an auto consultants at Automarta where we help our customers make the right choice with most benefits.

Our never ending enthusiasm ends up serving each client personally as if it is our 1st ever deal, making each transaction special. Many big corporate houses have choosen us as their vendors which prove our competence time and again. Our commitment assures superior quality in reasonable quantity.

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