Automated Shading

Since 1990, Automated Shading has been an industry leader in electric and integrated interior window treatments systems. ASi has profitably specified, fabricated and installed thousands of motorized blinds and automated shades while adding a touch od allurement to the commercial setting.

ASi sells and installs remarkable motorized blinds in commercial settings throughout North America and the Caribbean. Motorized window treatments allow for simple, cordless operation which is a more cost-effective choice for the long-term. We carry brands such as Mecho Shading Systems in styles such as Electro®/3 so you can customize all windows in the office.

Automated Shading (ASi) is one of the very large full service electric shade and electric blinds. Functionally and esthetically, motorized shades are becoming the favored to manual shades. However let's not forget the marvelous visual shock of simultaneous push-button progression of an entire room of automated shades.

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