Automatic Rival

Hailing from Sacramento, CA, AUTOMATIC RIVAL is a driving alternative rock band that you will not soon forget. Simply put, their music is loud, very melodic, sometimes fast, and always fun. Fronted by David Wallace (vocals/guitar), this foursome delivers a gripping sound that is truly unique in today’s world of parody. Wallace’s edgy vocals and catchy guitar riffs are supported by the solid foundation of Tony Pacheco (guitar/vocals), Nathan Shields (bass/vocals), and Jeff Kwiatek (drums). And although AUTOMATIC RIVAL has existed since 2005, Wallace and Shields have been writing songs together since 1998. The pair expanded with the addition of Kwiatek in April 2005, and again grew with the inclusion of Pacheco in July 2008. The band released their first full-length album (self-titled) in February 2006, and then a 4-song E.P., entitled “Lies and Stories,” in November 2007. AUTOMATIC RIVAL’s music can be found on iTunes and at other popular digital music outlets.