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Clyde Auto

Hello all people and welcome on my, today I'll be telling you someting about myself (duh..)

I have something weird, I am kinda obsessed with robotic automation systems, I love it and I do not know why, maybe because when I was younger that I've always wanted to have a robot or whatever. My ultimate dream is to have a factory or company and then having a robotic automation system. I almost have a factory though, I am making cars. But where do I get the best robotic automation systems, but whatever, I will find a way to get these things, no worries. If I have these robots then I will tripple my production rate, how awesome is that?!

I come from Holland, maybe that's why I am a bit weird, but it doesen't bother me much if I'm honest though. I am 26 years old and I live in Amsterdam by the way, I am single and I work at my own company and almost at my own factory, I am really excited to start my own thing, it will all happen soon. I hope as soon as possible. I will update you all, and will let you guys know how it is all going there.

Thank you all for reading, I love you all, do not forget to share my story!