Roger Corea



Education and Experience

Not only is writing a natural outgrowth of Roger’s formal education; it is also a product of his own life’s experience. A Bachelor’s Degree in English from St. Bonaventure University and graduate courses at the University of Rochester provide a solid foundation. But Roger’s most meaningful “education” comes from teaching English literature and a thirty-year field leadership position with Ameriprise Financial. He calls these experiences his writer’s “apprenticeship” citing the best preparation for writing novels is learning about people. Mark Twain’s quote, “Never let your book learnin’ interfere with your education”, is his favorite.

Roger and his wife live in Penfield, New York. He his three children and three grandchildren

Writing Philosophy

Roger writes about subjects he is passionate about. His novels have three consistent threads woven through them:

First, he is passionate about developing characters. All three of his books have vivid, real characters that seem to leap to life from the pages. They confront crisis with creativity, unpredictability, and high energy. They don’t always “win” but during their struggle, they achieve a certain greatness.

Secondly, he is passionate about his plot and storyline. If he is writing a thriller, he believes every page should be thrilling, every action should have a purpose; every deed should have an impact.

Finally, all three books have memorable surprise endings!

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