Trester Used Auto Parts

When Cincinnati

area drivers hear the phrase “excellent auto sales and auto repair,” they almost

surely think of Trester Used Auto Parts. Since 1955, Trester has

been providing exemplary services at outstanding prices, and they’ve got 60

years of satisfied clients to prove it. Known for their friendly, honest

professionalism, they carry an enormous range of car parts for both foreign and

domestic vehicles—and their extensive knowledge of autos is legendary. Finding

just the right part can sometimes be tough, but at Trester, everything is

one-stop shopping. In other words, whether the issue is transmissions, engines,

auto glass, or something else, the Trester team has you covered. They guarantee

customer satisfaction, and they’re conveniently located on Route 28 in Milford,

just one mile north of I-275.You can find thousands of used vehicle parts on

their 12 acre lot, and they’re conveniently open until 6:00 p.m., Monday through

Friday. You can even visit them on Facebook or Google+, just to make sure

you’re up to date on everything the shop has to offer.The auto

industry may have changed in the 60 years since Trester’s been open, but one

thing that’s remained constant is the team’s exceptional service and their passion

for what they do. To find out more, drop by the lot today, or give Trester Used

Auto Parts a call at (513) 831-9141. If

it takes all kinds of parts to make a whole, Trester is the kind of big picture

you’ll want to see!