Auto Plan

Coventry, Uk

There are times when a vehicle may have several drivers, excessive mileage and other factors leading to potential de-hire damage. This could rule out a Contract Hire” agreement.

Traditional Hire Purchase and bank loans are generally used as an alternative to a lease contract, however when the cost is compared traditional funding can be as much as 40% more expensive than our lease.

Our Finance Lease programme entitles our customers to obtain the extra discounts available on Contract Hire programmes but without mile or damage restrictions.

The agreement is written up on a “Nil” residual value. This means that the vehicles can be sold, part exchange or even scrapped at the end of a contract. The full value in the vehicle is retained by the customer. You don’t have to dispose of the vehicle at all if you want to keep it as payment of a nominal peppercorn rent will keep the lease open as long as you need the vehicle.

In a nutshell the finance lease is the best way of funding a hard working vehicle with the advantages of best pricing and no hidden costs.

Our UK Van Leasing system is provided by the number one vehicle leasing company in the UK.

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