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continuous integration salesforce release management

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salesforce release Management


Salesforce Release Management can be a challenge with its cloud based multi-tenant environments , complex and manual deployment processes and lack of strong version control support. Not much the case though if you are using AutoRABIT . AutoRABIT has been specifically designed with the needs of Salesforce Application, Administrator and Release Management Teams in perspective and has a feature set that can make it a breeze to release applications on Salesforce platform.

salesforce continuous Integration


Continuous integration is a modern development practice, where the developers commit their code on a regular basis and ideally that’s at least once every day. With the practice of Salesforce Continuous Integration, bugs can be handled effectively, which will lead to faster release of the product. Synchronization of the code gets difficult with geographically spread sandboxes and various time zones. This makes Salesforce Continuous Integration a tedious and time taking task.

Salesforce Deployment Automation


Deploying from one Salesforce Org to another and deployments to various release environments like QA, UAT, or staging is always challenging, time-consuming and requires substantial manual effort. AutoRABIT’s one-click deployment ensures metadata changes are easily deployed to multiple environments from a source.

Salesforce Environment Management


With AutoRABIT, have easy synchronization of releases across geographically spread sandboxes. The version controller analyzes detailed changes after every cycle and handles the SCM administration. The sandbox comparison and sandbox management restore the configuration of the testing environment after every refresh. With AutoRABIT, have easy synchronization of releases across geographically spread sandboxes.

Salesforce Test Automation