Autry Pruitt

Public Speaker in New York

Autry Pruitt

Public Speaker in New York

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Are you tired of stubborn, self-serving, stand your ground politics that is stopping our progress as a nation? Are you ready for a solutions oriented media network that is committed to finding common ground, seeking solutions, and exploring options that can move us forward? Do you want your thoughts and opinions considered and respected?

Welcome to UrRepublic.

It is time to take a new look at what constitutes news and how it is interpreted. UrRepublic actively seeks challenging perspectives that can be respectfully discussed and explored on multiple different levels as opposed to the usual one or two talking head “experts” or simple mindless perspectives from the left and right.

UrRepublic is simply the most honest, solutions-oriented and interactive editorial-news organization in the entire world. We want each participant in our network to share their perspective and we will make every effort to respond. Our version of the news is one of continuing conversation and perspective from our audience. We hope you will join us.

UrReplublic recognizes that biased finger-pointing is contrary to discovering solutions and common ground. Mainstream media’s ability to properly serve the citizens of this country has been abdicated through political agendas and large corporate sponsors who may attempt to control content and viewpoint.

Mainstream media will say their only job is to present the news. They state this all the while their “sources” have ulterior motives and government press releases are rarely challenged. They will not admit their own biased presentations are already steering us toward particular solutions.

UrReplublic was created to develop effective change from a grass roots level. We must all reject unreasonableness and the premise that our opinions should never change. We are not here to just present the news, but to create a dialog for solutions. We need your help to do that.

We ask that you become part of UrReplublic Independent Commentary Network by sharing your political and cultural observations that are a reflection of your life experiences. We ask that you enter our network without the goal of winning for your side, but that by exploring and finding new solutions, we all can win.

Knowledge is power… but only if put to use. UrRepublic is here to insure that knowledge, from all points of view, is used.

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