Autum B

Only child. Aries. Introverted extrovert. Artist. Dreamer. Wife. Daughter. Thespian. Musician. Partner. Friend. Supporter of individuality and the right to be who you are inside. Both pro life and pro choice. Politically removed. Strongly opinionated. Hopeful. Uncertain. Me.

Life is not easy. I am where I am right now in part because of the choices I’ve made, and in part – a large part – because of circumstance. I have this unquenched thirst for a life better than the one I lead right now. I want, and more than that, need to find a way to fix my body. The desire for a better life is there, although without the means and with a distinct lack of motivation or support I’m still trying to figure out just how to move forward. Thankfully, life is just one big puzzle and the pieces will turn up where they will; some sooner than others.

C’est la vie.