Autumn K

Over that way!

Blam,Blam,Baby! ~

Hi there! I am Autumn.
I traveled around my entire life for one reason or another. My family and I never stopped going from town to town across Canada. Once you get the wanderlust, you may never stop searching for adventure. And adventure we always found.

I continued this tradition of ours, branching out to a few countries. I have seen, and met, some amazing, colourful, and beautiful people.

I love making friends, who in turn have become family to me. It's important to really look at the people around you. There are so many hidden stories and beautiful possibilities out there, if you just give it the chance.

I love to write and draw, to research and read, to talk and take photographs. But besides that, I love video games, comic books, music and cartoons. I never stopped being a child.

I come from a mash up of religions and beliefs, which helped me to not just tolerate, but appreciate those differences in us.

I have a strange sense of humour, and at times may seem overly sardonic, but I'm always honest about who I am and what I think. And besides, I love to make people laugh.

I believe in treating people with respect, and dignity. A little common courtesy goes a long way.
So , if you have something to say; I'm really listening! ( Just try and be respectful)

Bonus Random Trivia Round!

An unplugged T.V.

My drained IPod

And (my favourite) a Kitchen faucet.

3. I recently saw myself dancing. It was highly unflattering.

Nice meeting you!

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