Autumn Dugger

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I started at 1 lb and 11 ounces and now I am 150 lbs and zero ounces. I have had several complications with my birth which followed into my early education. I repeated the 1st grade but that misfortune has not defined me as a student .English was hard in the 1st grade but ironincally now it is my favorite subject. Family has helped me in every important moment in my life and their efforts will not be in vain. I will never give up fighting because I have come too far to fall now. I am still in the first chapter of my life but I hope that future chapters to come are as vibrant, enjoyable and unpredictable as the first. Nothing defines me more than myself ; grades, friends and boyfriends are just small factors in my still unwritten life.

  • Work
    • Wendys
  • Education
    • Philadelphia High School For Girls