Autumn Luken

Valdosta, Georgia, United States

Hey! My full name is Autumn Jade Luken, but my friends and family have givin me plenty of nicknames that I will also answer to. I am currently a sophomore here at Valdosta State University, and so far I have had quite the experience, and I am enjoying every moment of my time spent here. My major is currently biology because I am interested in the medical field. I am not entirely sure what I would like to do in the medical field, but it's a start to finding my place. This far along my college journey I have met two very important people! My best friend Darian, and my boyfriend Trent. Darian is a fun, carefree girl, who is basically my twin. Every moment we spend together, we have the time of our lives. My wonderful boyfriend Trent, is the other person I have met in Valdosta and am very thankful for him! I am passionate about a few things in my life, and one of them is definitely my job. I work at The Buckle in the Valdosta Mall, and i absolutely love it! I am very familiar with the store because I have shopped there most of my life and there is one in my hometown. It has always been my favorite place to shop, but for the past year I have been lucky enough to be a part of their company. It just makes it harder on my paychecks becuase I want to buy everything! Fashion is one thing that I always have, and always will love. I am basically obsessed with fashion and clothes. I could see myself eventually owning my own clothing store years down the road, maybe sometime after I retire. I also like to think that I am a free spirited individual who is very easy going and down to earth. I am basically a hippie who has been born in the wrong decade. I am truely a flower child at heart. It takes a lot to really make me angry, but I am not afraid to speak up and throw my two cents in. Another fun hobbie of mine, is that I enjoy modeling in my spare time. I have done a few different photo-shoots for a photographer in Atlanta, who had also shot my senior photos. He submitted one of the photos to a magazine, which I thought was pretty awesome! The picture to the left is one of my very favorite shots from a shoot I did a while ago. I love modeling because you get to be perfected from head to toe just to take pictures for fun, and I LOVE it. . I have a bright vision for my future and all that I can do is continuously work towards it and keep doing things to improve myelf.

  • Work
    • The Buckle
  • Education
    • graduate of Flowery Branch High School
    • Sophomore at Valdosta State University