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Artist in Seattle, Washington

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Autumn Tranquilino is an artist living and working in the beautiful city of Seattle.

She is 100% self taught and recently began her painting career a few years ago.

She is particularly drawn to mythology, lore and the feminine divine principle and incorporates these subjects into her work. You will also see her interest in indigenous cultures in her work. Her paintings are usually done in oils or acrylics but she works in other mediums as well.

She believes that the act of painting is a direct medium into a higher reality, a vaster realm of creativity and that this reality is available to anyone wishing to pursue it. Whether it be art, acting, music, dancing, film etc, anyone can pursue a higher order through using their creativity. The doors are always open for you.

Her work has been shown in various galleries, coffee shops etc. and she has been published in a few online magazines. Her work is also for sale through her online shop or you can contact her directly through email to purchase.