Autumn Leppla

Hi Im AutumnBottom And I Was Born In NY New York, I Moved To Midlothian Texas At 13. Im 15 Years Old Now And Im Also A Site Model. I Had Lots Of Phones Thats Y When U See A Picture Of Me With My Phones There All Different. Im Very Random When I Was 10 My Parents Thought I Had ADHD But I Dont. I Love Pandas And Zebras I Also Love Haging Out With My Friends And Going Swimming. Ive Never Gotten Grounded In My Life And Im Very Fun To Be Around. And Yes I Am Real And I Love Making New Accounts Email Me Ill Get Back To U When And If I Can Dont Worry If My Email Looks Weird When I Get Back To U I Do Most Of My Stuff On My Phone Im Also Doing This On My Phone Well Half. I Love My Fans Evan Though Im Not Famous. TTYL AutumnBottom Leppla. I Decided That Im Gonna Try To Fill This Up. I Love Kittys And Im Not On My Phone Any More Im On My Lap Top Its A Dell I Used To Have A Mac Then It Broke. I Love Art And Im Pretty Good At It To.