Autumn Mae M.

So, a qick bio of me, nothing too flashy. Hola I'm Autumn, perfer to be called Autumn Mae. Just love the sound of it when it rolls of my tounge. I'm a fashion major and addict at the AILV. The day I knew fashion was a new wonder, was when I looked at my first Fashion editorial back at the age of 10. I picked up Vogue in my older cousin's apartment and instantly knew this was my 1st love. The first thought of wanting to be apart of this universe was when I opened my first teen vogue back in my freshmen year of highschool. Now here we are. I beleive in positive quotes daily will spirtually feed you as well as religion. I beleive in coffee and a bagel is the best medicine for an upset soul in the morning. The last thing I belive in is that Fashion is God's secret universe. I am VP of my Fashion for the Arts club at AILV and enjoy every moment of it. One day I will accomplish all I dreamed to be. So for right now I'm taking the necessary steps to ge there. Until then buh bye Mi Amors!