Autumn Oglesby

Autumn has been a freelance photographer in the Albuquerque area since 2002. The people, architecture and landscape of New Mexico, rich in earth textures and desert light, have made this region a natural home for me, my family and my work.

Her photography is greatly inspired by my time working and living in Yellowstone National Park, then becoming a mother with all its joys and upheavals.

African drumming and dancing took her to Africa where, surrounded by incredible, natural landscapes and living conditions, she was able to explore people's pure and unself-conscious ease in front of the camera. She learned just how much she could love and grow to appreciate deeply the essence and beauty of our world.

Although she photographs everything, her passion lies in expression: in raw human emotion - no masks. Sometimes it takes people a while to go to that next level beyond vanity or discomfort, but we always get there eventually! Photographing families is a great way to access this real place in people, as they really enjoy the play and cuddling time and this spontaneity produces some amazing pictures.

Autumn is also experienced in photographing art & jewelry for catalog & website design. Autumn made a great addition to the Exhibit A Productions crew with her outstanding quality and personality.