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AutumnsVibrantArt by Autumn Vern Vernon

Autumn Vernon is an abstract artist from Lancaster, CA who is now residing in North Hollywood, CA to pursue her dream of becoming an established and well known artist. Autumn dicovered her love for painting in 2011 when she took a trip to Louisiana to visit her mother (who is also an artist but does it more as a hobby).

Her mother had an idea to go in the backyard around all of the trees and greenery of the country to paint and bond with her daughters. It was the best idea being that it would be Autumn's new found passion and love.

Autumn is now known for her original abstract designs and patterns. She is also known for her bright, bold, colorful, eccentric and fun taste. She has a very playful style when it comes to her life and her art. She mixes abstract designs with random shapes and objects and continues to grow and excel rapidly in her art.

Autumn is now pursuing her passion for painting and has a collection of bright and colorful artwork to show off to the world.